Coupled inverted pendulums benchmark


Heiko Hamann
Thomas Schmickl


Several carts on which an inverted pendulum is mounted are loosely coupled by chains. They have to cooperate and reach a state in which all pendulums are balanced. The non-linear up-swinging phase is included.

Source code

The source code of the benachmark is short and simple: CoupledPendulums.cpp CoupledPendulums.h


[# modules] [best fitness] [method] [cart trajectories] [pendulums angles] [video]
1 0.977242 AHHS+noise video
2 0.967382 AHHS video
3 0.839127 AHHS+noise video
4 0.824691 AHHS+noise video
5 0.831669 AHHS+noise video